GREEN Architectural film finishes simulate wood, metal, stone, and other traditional building materials, eliminating the need to use more natural resources in projects and reducing waste. This provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive natural and synthetic materials, making it ideal for value engineering.
FLEXIBLE Architectural film finishes are applicable to almost any nonporous and smooth substrate, such as walls, ceilings, doors, lighting fixtures, furniture, and other solid objects. It can also be installed on bent and round surfaces.
QUICK AND EASY Architectural film finishes are quick and easy to install when desiring for a new look. It can be used for new projects and for renovation projects, as it has the ability to use existing substrates and raw materials, saving time and cost.

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Accentik Inc. is a Philippines-based distributor of architectural film finishes. Foremost of our products is high-quality Korean engineered architectural films, which have over 600 varieties simulating multiple species of wood, metal, leather, stone, and many other finishing choices. This provides projects an environment-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to traditional finishing materials.

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