We are a team of architectural and interior design professionals who are trained to find the right solutions by determining your particular needs. Your needs will determine which material is right for your application. No matter your location or concern, we provide the expertise needed to assure a smooth project from start to finish.

Company Profile

 Accentik Inc. was established in July 2009 as an affiliate company of L.B. Cancio Architects, Interior Designers & Builders, working since with our Korean partners to provide a more cost-efficient and sustainable finishing material for various architectural projects such as private and commercial spaces.


 Green Architecture: We are set on the advocacy of contributing to the protection and preservation of our natural environment through the prevention of waste pollution. Our product is versatile, durable, stable, and resistant to bacteria and stains. With the professional backing and experience in the design and construction industry of L.B. Cancio Architects, Interior Designers & Builders, as well as the support and technical expertise extended by our Korean counterparts, Accentik Inc. hopes to attain leadership in the promotion of highly innovative and eco-friendly building products.


We are engaged in the business of promoting, marketing, and distributing innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly finishing materials for your projects. Clients, architects, and interior designers can choose from a wide range of film finishes to enhance their designs. We work hand in hand to assure a project that uses efficient and environment-friendly materials. More importantly, we aim to develop lasting relationships with our clientele by closely working together with them to promote green architecture.