Characteristics and Benefits

  • Available in over 600 variants from 4 Korean brands: KCC Premium Vicenti Interior Film, Hyundae Interior Film, LG Interior Film, Bodaq Hanwha Interior Film
  • Applicable to almost any nonporous and smooth substrate
  • Can be installed and bent on curved and round surfaces
  • Post-formable and self-adhering
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Less expensive simulation of different finishes: metal, metallic wood, wood, stone, leather, high-gloss, solid, and special patterns
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials
  • Perfect substitute or complement to more expensive natural and synthetic finishes
  • Use of existing substrates and raw materials
  • Easy installation when desiring for a new look
  • Ideal for value engineering

Dimensions and Layers



Films come in rolls of:

Length: 20/25/30/50 linear meters

Width: 4 feet (1.22 linear meters)

Product Layers

Film Finishes